franchise financial statement audits

Financial Statement Audits

Industry experience is at the top of the list of what businesses need and expect from their accountants. We have provided franchise financial statement audits for more than 80 franchise concepts. We adapt our audit services to fit your unique needs, but what doesn’t change is the exceptional service delivered to all clients.

Because we specialize in franchising, we also more efficient and less costly than larger CPA firms with high overhead. It makes sense to use a franchise expert for your audit requirements.

Franchise financial statement audits are key to sustaining confidence in your franchise. Meeting franchisee, regulator and owner expectations begins with the completeness, accuracy and fair presentation of information in your financial statements and franchise disclosure documents. Not only does an audit help assure compliance with applicable reporting standards and regulators requirements, there are important by-products of the audit process such as the identification of internal management issues that can help you address both present and future challenges.

Financial statements for any business serve as a scorecard because this is:

  • How the business owner should be measuring business results
  • What the investment world looks at to determine a business’s worth.
  • What the banks use to determine the business’s viability (and ability to repay).
  • What any potential buyer of a business should want to see.
  • The best way for a franchise system to determine that it is doing its job in supporting its franchisee network.